Uniform - General

Pompallier Catholic College regulation uniforms are available only from Bethells Uniforms in the Strand and Northland School Wear in Kamo. Please ensure you ask for the Pompallier regulation uniform when purchasing.


Regulation College PE T-shirt with monogram in appropriate House colour
Plain black shorts

SENIOR STUDENTS (Years 12 & 13 only)

Regulation navy College blazer with monogram(optional)
This may not be worn with shorts and, in the case of boys, must be worn with a white shirt with a button-up collar and the regulation navy College tie with monogram
Ties are available for sale through the College office
Regulation navy sleeveless vest (optional)


Non-regulation articles are not to be worn with the school uniform (eg. coloured jerseys, coloured jackets, coloured Tshirts, jeans, sports shoes, scarves or beanies) either to and from or at school.


Plain dark blue hats (no logos) may be worn outside only for sun protection throughout the year
At no time are hats to be worn inside


One-piece costume for girls
Board shorts may be worn
No T-shirts may be worn in the pool


College tracksuit pants can be hired from the College for sporting representative occasions


Jackets which are not regulation are not to be worn either in or to and from school
The only alternative (for rainy days) is a plain coloured raincoat of PVC or oilskin type material


The only jewellery permitted is:-

one small plain stud in each ear (for girls and for boys)
a simple neck chain for the purpose of wearing a cross
a special character appropriate taonga
a silver "chastity ring"

Rings, bangles, leather thongs, chains and ankle chains are not permitted

Nose, tongue or any other studs and body piercing are not part of the College dress code


Make-up, mascara and coloured nail varnish are not permitted


Hair must be a natural colour and must be tidily groomed
Boys must be clean shaven