International Students - How to apply

We welcome your application, either directly to Pompallier Catholic College, or through one of our Partner Agents.

From October 2022, we will open enrolment applications for study in 2023. This is dependent upon the Government allowing International Students into New Zealand.

Pompallier Catholic College is a signatory to the New Zealand Education (Pastoral Care of International Students) Code of Practice. Please click here to view or download this document.

The application process is as follows:

Fill out the application forms (see links below).

Provide all the documents listed on the application form. Applications without all the requested documents cannot be processed until this information is received.

Upon receipt of the application, it will be evaluated by our International Department. If the application is successful, an Offer of Place will be issued, along with a Tax Invoice for the Tuition fees.

When fees are fully paid, a receipt will be issued. This receipt, along with the Offer of Place, can be used to apply for a Student Visa from Immigration New Zealand.

Student Visas: Students studying for longer than three months are required to have a Student Visa. Students need to apply to Immigration New Zealand to get a Student Visa. Students studying for three months or less do not need a Student Visa, as they can study on a Tourist Visa.

All applications should be received by our International Department no later than ten weeks prior to the commencement of enrolment.

International Student Fees are upon application.

Fees consist of Tuition, Administration Fee, uniform costs and a weekly homestay fee. All fees may change annually, therefore it is best to contact us and ask for the cost.

Homestay costs in 2023 are NZ $280.00 per week.

Additional costs are:-

INSURANCE: It is compulsory for all students to have travel insurance, not just health insurance, for their entire stay. Students may arrange their own, or we can organise this for you through our College.

COURSE COSTS, STATIONERY AND SUBJECT TRIPS: Stationery will need to be purchased and the cost will depend on which subjects the student chooses. Some subjects also have small charges for materials and trips.

DIGITAL DEVICE: All students in Years 7 - 10 will require a Chromebook. Further details are available on the College website BYOD link. A suitable device will cost around NZ $400.00.

NCEA EXAMINATIONS: To enter NCEA (National Certificate of Educational Achievement) costs approximately NZ $385.00. Students who wish to enter NCEA need to pay this fee.

TRANSPORT: Bus transport to and from school, if required, is the students' responsibility.

EXTRA-CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES: School camps, Sports activities and International Student trips are offered throughout the year at an extra cost, and are optional.

Please download the fillable PDF Enrolment Application form below - make sure you save a copy to your device before you start filling it in.

Enrolment Application Form

Further enrolment information and forms can be downloaded below:

International Study at Pompallier Catholic College - Brochure

Refund Policy for International Students

Digital Devices in School Student Acceptable Use Agreement

Homestay Accommodation Request Form

College Map

For any queries regarding International Study at Pompallier Catholic College, please contact our Director of International Students, Maria Chabera, by phone on +64 9 438 3950 extension 221, or Email:-