Transport Assistance

The Ministry of Education website covers students' eligibility for School Transport Assistance. The following link will direct you to this page:

School Transport

1 - The Ministry of Education definition of "suitable public transport" is a service that:-

travels within 2.4km of the student's home; and
travels within 2.4km of the school; and
has a suitable timetable; and
does not require the student to change buses more than once per journey

Note: Route 1 (Hikurangi to Pompallier) and the City Link service have been deemed "suitable public transport".

Therefore, apply for Transport Assistance if you live more than 4.8km away from school and do not travel on an MoE bus (except where the 2.5km rule applies) or suitable fare paying service.

Transport Assistance application forms are available from the Ministry of Education website.

If you move house, you need to contact the Ministry of Education directly on the number below.

All queries regarding Transport Assistance and Allowances should be directed to:- Ministry of Education, Tel: 0800 287 272