A large number of our students travel to and from school by bus. With prior school permission, Year 12 and 13 students are permitted to use cars or motor-cycles.

A Pompallier Catholic College student may be eligible for School Transport Assistance if: they are a Year 7-8 student and live more than 3.2km from our school; or they are a Year 9-13 student and live more than 4.8km from our school. This assistance may be in the form of: an allocated place on a Ministry of Education (MoE) bus; a conveyance allowance; or both (conditions apply).

Where there is no Ministry bus service and no suitable public route available(**), parents may apply for transport assistance funding for private travel through the Ministry of Education. Eligibility criteria and application forms are available online through the MoE website, or from our Student Centre. Please refer to the Transport Assistance page on our website for further information and links to the MoE website.

**Route 1 (Hikurangi to Pompallier) and City Link have been deemed "suitable public transport" and are fare paying.

Bus routes are designed according to strict criteria and students are allocated seats on these specific routes to cater for as many as possible. An updated record of all students travelling on Ministry buses is kept by the College. A pass is issued for that specific route and must be carried and shown if required. NO PASS, NO RIDE. If you move house, please notify the College office and check eligibility.

The College expects all students to display a high standard of behaviour on all buses. Serious misconduct on a school bus will result in a student being suspended from bus travel.


To download important information on transport for 2017, please click on the link below:

2017 Bus Information


Bus routes are subject to change each year depending upon school rolls and loadings.

Spaces are allocated to eligible passengers according to residency, loadings, eligibility and availability of public services. Please note that having travelled on a bus route previously does not automatically entitle students to travel.

To download bus routes for 2017 (updated 16 October 2017), please click on the link below:

2017 Bus Routes

If you have any queries regarding the above, please email our Bus Co-Ordinator, Barbara Clarke: